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YIN Int’l IP Firm as a full-service intellectual property firm in China, possesses a team of committed, competent and experienced professionals, which consists of Patent Attorneys, Patent Engineers and Technical advisors, Trademark Attorneys, Lawyers and Attorney-at-law. Our practice focuses on all aspects of Intellectual Property laws. Our technical fields cover mechanics, electrics and electronics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science, etc.

YIN Int’l IP Firm provides its professionals continuous professional training and education opportunities. Our professionals are required to keep pace with the development of rapidly changing laws and technologies. We organize in-house academic and experience-sharing activities on a regular basis. A pleasant and stable working atmosphere and conditions have been contributing greatly to our success.

YIN Int’l IP Firm honors its commitments to the interests of the clients. With our modern administration methods, computerized systems, efficient and effective procedures, personalized and prompt assistance, legal and technological expertise, continuously meeting the needs of our clients in all aspects of prosecution and litigation.

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